Whether you are planning in advance or for an immediate need, we are here to help relieve the pressure of planning a tradition funeral, memorial service or celebration of life.

The steps to planning a Funeral

Today many people are choosing memorial services over traditional funerals. Our planning advisor can guide you through the many decisions that accompany either choice of a traditional Funeral or a celebration of live. Regardless of the choice you will need to follow the steps below.

·         Brainstorm and gather ideas centered on personal experiences that you or your loved ones have had

·         Schedule a meeting with The Katy Funeral Home to set arrangements

·         Review options and packages that best suit you and your family

·         Identify the friends and family that you want to attend and be involved

·         Choose a person that will be the lead in decision making for the entire family and designate them as the point of contact


Funeral Planning For Immediate need

The loss of a loved one is a very difficult time and puts immense stress on a family and loved ones. When a loved one passes unexpectedly and you are in immediate need the stress and hard ships are increased incrementally.  Here at the Katy Funeral home our mission is to be your source of calm in the eye of the storm and help you plan in the case of immediate need. Bello we have listed the steps that should be followed in the case of immediate need.


·         First Call

o   When you loved one has passed you should first call 911. Then you should call a funeral service provider to come and receive your love one into the care.  Making the call to The Katy Funeral Home does no commit you to our services, it only allows us to help you in the care of your love one. We know more than any one that this is the most stressful time in one’s life and are here to help you while you decide what type of services will best celebrate the life of your loved one.

·         Funeral Options

o   The Katy Funeral Home is not just a funeral home. We specialize in helping with any service you may choose whether that is a traditional funeral, burial, memorial celebration, or cremation.


·         Custom Funeral Services

o   Here at The Katy Funeral Home we specialize in custom services. We are equipped to hold a service at nearly any location. Unlike many funeral homes we work with you to meet all of your wishes in this time of need. Weather it is a candle light vigil or a cultural specific service, we are equipped you accommodate all of your needs.